5 Tips for Improving a Low Sex Drive

Unfortunately, many women and some men suffer from a low sex drive. It is estimated that almost 40% of all women and about 10% of men have issues with a lack of libido at some point in their lives. Fortunately, there is usually an explanation and remedy for their lack of sex drive.

Here are five helpful tips for improving a low sex drive.

1. Determine the Reason for a Lack of Sex Drive

Quite often, women (and sometimes men) will experience a low sex drive because they are not physically or emotionally feeling their best. It could be something as simple as a headache or nausea or something more direct like vaginal dryness. It can also be caused by emotional insecurities, exhaustion, or depression. The first step in treating a low sex drive is determining the root cause.

2. Treat the Reason First

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to revive your sex drive until you are able to treat the real reason behind your lack of libido. Once you have identified the cause of your low sex drive, the next step will be searching for a solution.

In most cases it will involve explaining your personal situation to a medical professional, which could be uncomfortable for some people. Always keep in mind that there is nothing abnormal about a low sex drive and that it is best to share this with a physician in case it is a sign of a more serious issue.

3. Set the Mood for Lovemaking

The phrase “not in the mood” is often used by people who suffer from a low sex drive. Sometimes it is a cover up for physical or emotional problems and sometimes the person is literally not in a sexual mood. In all cases, romance should be brought back into the equation any time your sex life is lacking its usual passion. You can quickly set the mood using simple things like music, candles, and lingerie.

4. Go Back to the Beginning

Many married couples will get into a bland sexual routine of skipping right to the “good” stuff. If your spouse’s sex drive is lacking its usual interest, try being as flirty and affectionate as you were in the beginning of the relationship. Always remember that gentle touching and kissing is just as important to the sexual experience as the physical act of sex.

5. Try Something New to Spice it Up

If reverting to romantic moments from your earlier days does not reignite the fire, try the opposite. Purchase a risqué toy or outfit, try role playing, or any other fantasy that comes to mind. Make sure to always discuss your intentions with your lover or spouse first, so they have an opportunity to share their thoughts and fantasies.

Although a low sex drive is not an incredibly serious medical concern, it is something that deserves your attention, especially if you are married. Sex is a wonderful way to connect physically and emotionally with another human being and it shouldn`t be ignored. Hopefully these five steps will boost your sex drive and make it easier to enjoy sex with your partner.

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