Brain Science: Sex and Moods

Sex has a major impact on a woman’s mood. While there are many elements to the relationship between sex and moods, this article focuses mostly on how sex affects the brain, improving a woman’s mood, and low sexual desire can also affect moods. While sex is very much a physical act, it is a mental act as well. It is important to understand how the brain and the body interact during sexual intercourse in order t establish the relationship between sex and moods.

Brain Science

Sex feels good. Changes occur within your body, and you become relaxed, less stressed, and happy. This happens not only because of the physical sensations, but also as a result of what is happening in your brain. There is a “pleasure center” in the brain. When you enjoy a piece of tasty chocolate, “happy” chemicals are released within the brain. The same thing happens when you have sex. Serotonin and dopamine are released, making you feel better both physically and mentally. This is one reason sex is considered an excellent stress reliever. Even if you have had a bad day and are in a horrible mood, sex with your partner at the end of the day can substantially improve your mood.

What about Lack of Sex?

For a woman with a healthy libido, a lack of sex can greatly affect moods as well.

However, many contributing factors will determine to what degree the mood is influenced. First, we revisit brain science and those “happy” chemicals. While lack of sex may not be the end of the world or a cause for major frustration, if a woman and her partner are not having sex for whatever reason, the biological need for the physical release brought on by sex alone can cause some downward shifts in the mood. Of course, a more negative impact will occur if the root cause of this lack of sex is related to the relationship itself.

How Low Sexual Desire Affects Moods

Low sexual desire affects moods in a different way. The impact is still negative for most women experiencing this condition. However, this is caused not by a lack of sex, but by feelings that come from the lack of desire for sex. Many women tie their desirability and sexuality to their feelings of self-worth and the ideal of the “complete woman.” If a woman does not desire sex because of stress, relationship issues, illness, or some other cause, she might find that her mood is negatively influenced because of her own feelings of self-worth; her lack of sexual desire being a reflection on her as a woman, rather than the reality that low sexual desire is a common disorder with many causes, none of which make any woman less than complete. In cases such as this, it is important to speak with a qualified sexologist who can help you to discover the root cause of the problem and can assist you in finding the best solution for your particular situation.

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