Newborns Can Have Bad Days Too: How To Help Your Baby

Most likely you have already been there. That day where nothing seems to please your newborn baby. It doesnt matter how much you rock her, kiss her or even feed her, she is just not happy. Most likely, your baby is just having a bad day. Thats right, babies have bad days just like parents do: only the signs of their bad days are a little less apparent, especially if you have a colicky baby.


Changing, Changing and More Changing

How many outfits has your little one gone through today? What about changing table covers? If you are spending more time changing clothes and covers than holding your baby, she might just be suffering from a bad day.


Hows Your Day Been?

As a parent of a newborn, you already have limited time, but if you notice you havent had one ounce of time to yourself it is likely that your newborn is having a bad day. Especially if you havent eaten and its 2pm or you have had to spend your private restroom time holding your little one.


How to Improve Both of Your Days

If your newborn is having a bad day, there are a few things you can do to make your day a little easier.


  • Give Baby a Bath – Sometimes all your little one needs is a little soothing relaxation. This can be done with a warm bath. If it is at night, use the nighttime bath wash that has lavender and chamomile to help her sleep.
  • Cry It Out – If you are at your wits end, it might be best to place her in a safe place (i.e. her crib) and let her cry it out for a moment while you recuperate. Go to the restroom or just walk outside and get some fresh air. Trying to sooth your baby all day and without her calming down is very stressful. There is nothing wrong with walking away for a few moments to regain yourself.
  • Stay Calm – Believe it or not, babies are extremely sensitive. If you are stressed or upset, they will sense it. Try to stay calm, even though it is difficult and ensure that your baby does not pick up on your anxiety level.
  • Call Someone – There is nothing wrong with asking for a little help, especially if your little one is having a bad day. Call family or friends and see if someone can come over and give you a hands-free moment, even if it is only for 20 minutes. Just having a little help can be all it takes to give you and baby a break.
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