Playing with Your Newborn: Important Developmental Strategies

Your newborn may not be able to grasp a toy, he may not even be interested in the toys, but even a two-day old newborn gets lonely and bored if they are not interacted with. Your little one needs stimulation during those break awake moments so that he can differentiate night and day, learn valuable social skills and interact with you. That being said, do not feel as though you are not giving your child valuable development attention if you do not play with them every moment of the day. In fact, some babies will get overwhelmed if they are constantly stimulated and do not have the time to rest or just look around.

Basic Interactions

Sometimes all your little one needs is a little basic interaction. You can do this by talking, cuddling, cooing and even smiling to your baby. There are also three ways to stimulate your babys mind, which include:


  • Giving him company and entertaining him; even if that means just talking about your day with him.
  • Letting him watch you do daily activities around the house and stop every now and then to chat with him.
  • Keeping him beside you as you watch television, read or even just talk to your spouse will let him feel as though he is part of the conversation.


Carrying Your Baby

Carrying your baby is great for helping him hear and see the world as you do. Take him for a walk through your own backyard and just point out the scenery. Take him around the house using a strap-on baby carrier so you still have free hands as you run errands, straighten up or even grocery shop. When he is about three or four months, use the forward-facing position on the carrier so he can see the world.


Things to Look At

Sometimes all your baby needs is something to look at. Show him toys, things around the house or just move him from one area to the next throughout the day. Your baby will take in the scenery around him, but remember to move him frequently. After all, how would you like to stare at the same things for over an hour?


Appropriate Aged Toys

Remember to buy toys that are meant for his age. Toys that are too advanced can overwhelm him and he will not get the same interaction as he would with a toy meant for his age group. Try giving him a toy for the day and then swapping it out the next day so that he has something new to try out each day.


Playing with your little one, even if just a few hours a day stimulates his mental, emotional and physical growth. Get fun, get creative and enjoy playtime with your little bundle of joy.

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