Sex after Baby Starts with You: 10 Ways to Start Feeling Better about Your New Figure

Women have a tendency to bury their sexual desires deep within an emotional realm. Unfortunately, this can affect our partners and our sexual relationships a lot more than we would like. The fact of the matter is that couples who are intimate with one another are happier, so how do you get yourself to want sex after the baby? Though most women feel their libido slowly creeping back in, the biggest holdup for them is feeling sexy. After all, they have a new body, new responsibility and a schedule that is not libido friendly.


Get New Pajamas

Instead of wearing those PJ s that cover you from head to toe, wear something that sends a message to your spouse. You do not have to wear lingerie or uncomfortable clothes to make your spouse take notice. Instead, wear something that makes you feel sexy or even cute so that your spouse notices the confidence in you, not the outfit.

Compliment Your Spouse

Sometimes all it takes to help promote intimacy with you and your partner is to tell them something nice. Often with a new baby new parents tend to forget one another. So if you make a point to just tell them one compliment a day, you are already on the path to preserving the relationship that was there before.


Be Creative

If you wait to have sex after baby has gone to bed, you are going to be too tired. Most seasoned moms recommend having sex with your partner before everyone else wakes up. You both will have the energy to enjoy the intimacy, which means you are likely to enjoy it.


Try Something New

As new parents you are bombarded with aEoenewaE

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