Spicing Up the Bedroom (Erotica, Atmosphere, and Romance)

When some people hear the term erotica, their minds often go straight to the gutter, making the term synonymous with pornography. And while some couples do use porn to boost their sex life, erotica and porn are two entirely different things. In fact, those opposed to the use of porn in their relationship should not discount the value of erotica. It can help to enhance your bedroom, creating the optimal atmosphere for getting in the mood.

Erotica vs. Pornography: What’s The Difference

Pornography celebrates the nude body, much like erotica, but with a very strong emphasis on male and female sex organs and sexual acts themselves. Porn, while enticing and entertaining for some people, places much focus on sex, and often, the kinkier the better. Erotica, however, celebrates nudity as a thing of natural beauty. Erotic artwork is more impressionistic than blatantly sexual, even though it implies sexuality and definitely lures the imagination in that direction. And that is really the key – erotica, whether artwork or written work, is more about imagination, guiding the mood and increasing the libido through visualization rather than offering the imagery and sounds of pornography that leaves little left to the imagination. In fact, because the brain is working to create perfect imagery on its own, erotica could very well invite feelings of sensuality and sexuality in a quicker and easier, and even more intense fashion than pornography ever could.


Erotica involves setting the mood. In fact, you can create an optimal atmosphere by employing erotic art and statues, lighting, scents, music, colors, and more. While other aspects of erotica certainly exist, atmosphere is a key element in creating those warm and passionate feelings that lead to intimacy and lovemaking. It is use of the brain – the imagination – that ties erotica and atmosphere together. Everyone envisions the perfect environment for lovemaking. This is especially true of women. However, not everyone takes the time to create this optimal atmosphere. Sure, a couple can enjoy sex without it; but setting the mood heightens the senses, and there is no lovemaking more fulfilling than that which is accompanied by visualization, scents, sounds, touches, and even tastes. A room with mood lighting, candles, soft music, enticing aromas, and cozy sheets is bound to lead to a far more fulfilling sex life than the occasional romp on the couch.


Another key aspect that sets erotica apart from pornography is romance. Pornography focuses on the act of sex, erotica focuses more on romance. Reading erotica allows couples to visualize exciting scenarios of romance and love that lead to lovemaking rather than merely talking about or showing sex acts alone. By using written erotica to enhance the libido and the mood, couples learn how to set the atmosphere and to utilize sensual massage, conversation, and more to bring themselves closer to one another, creating an incredible bond, and spicing up their sex life. Some experts believe that it is the romantic aspect that makes erotica the best choice, and it is the romance and love that increases passion and libido, leading to better sex, and better orgasms.

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