Taking Care Of Yourself During The Holidays

Most of us tend to be overwhelmingly busy during the last two months of the year with the holidays.  We have our daily tasks to maintain such as work, our partner and children, and the upkeep of our homes, while adding on extra holiday related events and family gatherings. One of the most important things to do during this extra stressed time period is to maintain your health and wellness so that you can show up as your best for all that your busy life demands.

There are many things to do to keep your body healthy – from eating wholesome foods to exercising – but what do you do to keep your mind healthy during this busy time?   Having self-compassion will help tremendously during the holidays.  Self-compassion is when you are aware and honest, with a willingness to be non-judgemental, towards yourself.  No one in the world knows your feelings as well as you do. Because of this, you are the one most qualified person to bring compassion to yourself, which includes care, sensitivity, warmth, awareness, and kindness.  Having compassion for yourself will help you to bring compassion to others and your relationships with acceptance, unconditional love, and understanding.

Ways To Take Care Of Yourself 

Set Manageable Expectations – Knowing that not everything is in your control will help to manage your expectations.  There is likely to be heavier traffic during the holidays along with large crowds at the malls and holiday related events.  Being in the ease and flow of the present moment will help you through these types of stressful situations.

Say “No” To Excessive Demands – Knowing your limit of how much you can handle is a great way to practice self-compassion.  It means that you can decipher when your plate has reached capacity.  When you feel that there is just no more time or space for you to take on another project, holiday party or family member’s specific request, accepting that saying “no” will be one of the best ways you can take care of yourself during this time, as you will be saving yourself the trouble and stress of not being able to handle something.

Spend Time With Those You Love – We all enjoy seeing the ones we love during the holidays, it is a big part in what makes this time so special.  Often times during the chaos of the holiday and family events, our relationships get pushed to the side simply because of hectic schedules.  Remembering to carve out some special time with your partner during the holidays – perhaps an ice skating date or going to see the town’s festive decorations – will likely lead to making special memories.

Find Quiet Time For Yourself – As discussed last week, it is of need to take the time for yourself to help release stress, and not only during the holidays.  Deep breathing, muscle relaxation, and practicing gratitude are great ways to do so.  Other wonderful options are  to go to a yoga class or treat yourself to a spa visit.

The holidays are meant to be a fun time with friends and family.  Remembering to take care of yourself with these tips will help benefit your holiday experience.

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