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How Anger Affects Your Brain and Body

There are many sources of anger. We can be frustrated,  disappointed, or we may feel fear, rejection, shame judgment, or sometimes we are just plain angry and aren’t really sure why.  I have discussed in other posts the importance of tuning into your body. Usually we feel sensations there, and it is helpful to pay […]

The Four Step Approach to Reducing Stress

This is a four step approach that is helpful for reducing stress and will be helpful in your day to day activities: STOP BREATHE (Pause) REFLECT (Be Mindful) CHOOSE As I discuss in other articles, I want to spread the message of “Waking UP Before You Get a Major Wake UP Call,” meaning if we […]

Coping with Stress: Part 2

What are your indicators that stress may be getting the better of you? There are many different types of stress management strategies to from to deal with life’s stressors.  Some strategies help you reduce your physical stress response in the moment and assist in helping you calm down and return your body to a more […]

Coping with Stress: Part 1

As I watch the news and listen to my clients, I am able to see how stress is affecting so many of us because of stressors we encounter in our everyday life.  I turned on the news this morning, and I realized that I needed a break. I wanted to hear something else, so I […]

Choose Now—Always!

Choose now—always. Use it as a disruptor the next time your racing mind throws you back to a painful moment in life or pushes you off the cliff because you are afraid of the future. The surest way to value now is to get in touch with your body. What are you feeling when the […]

How to Reconnect with the Wisdom of Your Body

We are so inundated today by the noise around us that we sometimes fall into a comfort zone that lulls us to sleep. We can’t take things anymore and feel bombarded by emails, texts, twitter, etc…  How do we find the time to take care of ourselves? We don’t want to rock the boat or […]

Waking Up to Your Life: My Offering to You

The bulk of my work is geared towards helping people wake up to their lives. As a psychotherapist and group facilitator, I’ve noticed that people tend to come to therapy because a major wake up call or crisis has occurred. We then work on what this means to them and how to transition from such […]