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The Female Orgasm: It’s the Brain, Not the Body

Without a doubt, the physical aspect of sex feels good, and the orgasms can be phenomenal. Still, when a woman has trouble achieving an orgasm, she can feel extremely unsatisfied with her sex life, and herself. In fact, not having orgasms can cause a drop in the female libido.  In addition, if that is not […]

What Makes Relationships Work: Relationship Advice 101

To achieve optimum physical and emotional health, we must have rewarding and enjoyable relationships in all locales of our lives. Humans function best when they have an understanding and accommodating relationship environment. Single people search for the ideal mate, and those who have a partner seek ways to make the relationship work. This relationship advice […]

Are Separate Beds the Key to a Happy Marriage?

A study released by England s Daily Mail stated that thirteen percent of British married couples slept in their own beds. This sparked a controversial debate about whether or not separate beds were the key to a happy marriage. What is important to realize is that separate beds mean no intimacy. So does sleeping apart […]

Intimacy and Back Pain: How to Move Past a Bad Back

Eight out of ten people will have some form of back pain in their lives. Whether it is temporary or a permanent health fixture, back pain is a serious medical problem. When back pain becomes chronic or is associated with a disability, it can severely impact a person s ability to be intimate with their […]

How Postpartum Back Pain May Affect Intimacy

Chronic lower back pain is common for women after giving birth. Not only does the human body go through an exceptionally trying time in labor itself, but after birth a mother takes on the added weight and back stress of carrying around a newborn baby. As time goes on, this chronic back pain can affect […]

Sex After Baby: Secrets All New Parents Should Know

Between the diaper changes, feeding and lack of sleep, sex after baby is probably the last thing on your mind and most likely the same goes applies to your spouse. Though it is uncharted territory, intimacy between couples shouldn’t drop off just because there is a new baby in the house. Sure, things have definitely […]