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Parental Relationships Suffer after Children are Born

Hollywood has provided more than enough examples of parental relationships taking a turn for the worse once children come along. Though most would chalk this up to the stress faced by celebrity couples living in the spotlight, the truth of the matter is that parents, celebrities or not, suffer from a significant strain on their […]

PPD: The “Baby Blues”

Having a baby is a  joyous occasion, but everyone experiences it a bit differently especially during those first weeks. Some women tend to feel overwhelmed, stressed and begin to feel guilty about not feeling maternal enough to their child. These emotions that you are feeling is normal, the majority of women experience the ‘baby blues’ […]

Regaining Your Body Image After A Baby

At some point in time, we’ve all felt that pressure and dissatisfaction with our body image and the way we look.  While we may all feel that way at one point or another, the hardest thing to deal with is body image after a pregnancy. Having  a child is great, it is one of-if not […]

Jump Starting Your Sex Life After Childbirth

Out of all the things to look forward to when it comes to married life, having children is high up on the list. However, parenthood does have a lot of downsides and sleepless nights, more expenses and a dwindling sex life. Almost all couples find it difficult to jump start their sex life after having […]

Sex After Giving Birth: Will Childbirth Affect Your Sex Life?

Yes it certainly will, so please don’t expect that everything will instantly return to normal.  Men in general simply don’t understand and believe this.  Many younger men believe that they’ll be able to have intercourse as soon as their partner gets home from the hospital.  This just isn’t true. You see childbirth is a pretty […]

Your Protein Source and YOU!

The healthiest and fastest way to lose weight and create vibrant health is to eat a more plants and less meat. Yet we’re been told for years that meat is the healthiest source of protein and we need to make sure to include it in our diet. However, the reality is we all have different […]

What do you mean, “No Intercourse Allowed”?

Touching is a very basic human need. From the moment we are born, touch is required for us to thrive. Touching is also at the heart of sexual response. In relationships where sexual intercourse decreases, there is also a corresponding decrease in touching both intimate and affectionate touching. Those little pats on the arm, gentle […]

Postpartum Depression and After Birth Anxiety

Today we know that more and more women are suffering in silence due to symptoms of Postpartum depression and anxiety. We also know that women are not the only ones who are dealing with this issue. Fortunately, men are becoming more aware and alert to their partner’s behavior, while also wondering how these symptoms will […]