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The Sensual Side of Intimacy

Sensuality and non-demand pleasuring are the basis of broad-based sexuality. Sensuality involves pleasure-oriented touching such as body massage, taking showers or baths together, kissing, playing and touching while clothed or semi-clothed or laying together naked. Touching is so much a part of sensuality. We learn what we like, how we like it, and how our […]

Intimacy is Not Just Intercourse?

Most of us have experienced sex without intimacy at some point in our lives. You may have had sex when you were emotionally disconnected and felt nothing. And although you can be sexually responsive even when you are upset or angry, there is little or no emotional connection. In contrast, true sexual intimacy gratifies our […]

What is Intimacy?

When I meet with a couple for the first time, often one partner says “I don’t feel close to her anymore” or “I don’t feel like he finds me attractive anymore.” Or both might say they don’t feel connected anymore. That’s when I ask each partner what they think intimacy means. Many times they look […]

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow on Postpartum Depression

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow discussed her challenges with postpartum depression on the first of a seven part national TV series last week. She said she felt like a zombie and could not connect with her son, Moses. Fortunately for her, her husband  was attuned to the subtle differences in her behavior, began noticing more prominent patterns […]

7 year itch? Relationship Troubles Brewing Sooner

It seems that more and more couples are more likely to split after three years. In fact, the highest divorce rate now occurs during the first six years of marriage. “Couples are now four and a half times more likely to split after three years than the traditional seven years. – Netmums The study by […]

Exhaustion, Sleep Deprivation and New Moms

From the moment we find out we’re pregnant, our lives begin to change.  Despite the excitement and joy of knowing our baby is on the way once the hormones start kicking in, we can become moody, disconnected and super tired. These feelings are usually exacerbated once the baby arrives because we are so busy taking […]

Pilates Livens Up The Libido

Let’s get physical! Pop icon, Olivia Newton John, sang it best in the hit 80s song, Physical – “Let’s get physical. Let me hear your body talk.” And if you are old enough to watch the video premier on MTV you can see the strong correlation between sex and fitness. Thanks to YOUTUBE, the video still […]

Libido Boosting Weight Loss Foods

As new moms and dads, we experience many different emotions, and feelings that may seem out of our control.   After giving birth, the female body is often out of balance, and many women feel self-conscious about their weight, and are so exhausted, that the thought of being sexual with their partner seems like the […]

Getting Back into Your Sexy Shape After the Birth

Now that your babies born, what do your do at home to get back into shape?  To make the most of the post natal fitness, set up a routine that you can stick to!  Establishing a schedule will help maintain regular workouts that fit into your every day life.  Also, try to work out at […]