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Spicing Up the Bedroom (Erotica, Atmosphere, and Romance)

When some people hear the term erotica, their minds often go straight to the gutter, making the term synonymous with pornography. And while some couples do use porn to boost their sex life, erotica and porn are two entirely different things. In fact, those opposed to the use of porn in their relationship should not […]

The Marriage Blues: When Boredom Becomes a Threat

Marriage vows typically include the promise  “Til death do you part.”  That s a pretty hefty order by itself, and in our progressively modern age, sadly, not every married couple takes this vow to heart. There is nothing wrong with ending a marriage if a couple has serious issues that cannot be resolved or if […]

Happy Holidays!

We’d like to wish all of our readers a safe and happy holiday season. Wherever you are in the world this season and whatever holidays you are celebrating, we hope your days are fun, festive, and full of joy. If winter weather is included in your celebrations, gather round the fire with the ones you […]

Hormones and Sexual Desire after Childbirth

A woman’s body endures much to experience the bliss of childbirth and parenthood. Because of all the body endures, women are not always in the mood for sex for a while after giving birth. Of course, there are several factors to consider. Not only is a woman’s body put to the ultimate test during their […]

Married with Children: Making Time for Love

Your children are a blessing that should enhance your relationship with your partner, not complicate it. After all, even if you did not plan your children, you certainly made plans for their arrival and even looked forward to it during the nine months leading up to their births. For most couples, this was a time […]