Five Creative Ways to Increase the Intimacy

Many couples hit a snag in their relationship where they feel as though there is nothing more to increase when it comes to intimacy. Believe it or not, there are plenty of ways to boost your relationship – whether you’ve been together one year or 20 years. If you feel as though your relationship is stagnant, consider these tips for boosting your love.

Cure Exhaustion

The biggest mood killer among couples is exhaustion. Whether it’s from children or career, there comes a time where you are too tired or too busy for your partner. Sometimes putting that exhaustion aside is too difficult, but often you can put aside what is causing the exhaustion. Today’s couple tends to act like a power couple, which means days that are longer than eight hours at work. By the time you get home, you’re too exhausted for your partner. If, however, you cut back by even four hours per week you may notice a great difference in your energy level and you and your partner will have four spare hours per week to spend with one another.

Be in the Moment

How often do you and your partner try to be intimate only to find yourself thinking about all you have to get done? If you’re not concentrating on the moment, you’re not going to enjoy it. Be in the moment by only focusing on what is going on – right then and there. Forget about what you need to do after or what else there is to do for the day.


You may have noticed that intimacy isn’t something you both time simultaneously. When you’re ready to be intimate, your partner may not be and vice-versa. You can overcome this lack of scheduling by talking with your partner. Find out when they’re feeling most intimate and desire you the most. By knowing when it works you can avoid any frustrations of either person being shot down when they’re in the moment.

Be the Best of Friends

If your partner is your best friend, you’re off to the right start. Many people have the misconception that if your partner is your best friend, it means you won’t be romantic with one another – but this isn’t true. In fact, having a partner in the bedroom who is your best friend creates more intimacy than a couple that isn’t comfortable and close with one another on a physical and emotional level.


A sense of humor can actually improve intimacy in a relationship. Humor is, in fact, one of the keys to making a relationship thrive long-term. Since life is full of unexpected events, stressors and times of feeling down, having the ability to simply laugh, appreciate the irony in a situation, etc. can help any couple. Letting go and enjoying life together – regardless of what curveballs come your way, can help improve the relationship a lot more than you would expect.

In any relationship there will be times where you’re on the same page and times where you can’t seem to get along. Staying focused and working hard to improve intimacy between the two of you can help improve those “down times” and make the time between them much further.



Photo Source: courtesy of Stuart Miles / Free Digital Photos