Trust in Your Marriage: Getting Started with a Good Foundation

Though you live together, you still need to work on building trust with your partner within your marriage. Trust is the cornerstone of a successful relationship and it is what will hold you and your partner together even in tough times. Therefore, consider some of these trust tips for creating that long-lasting bond with one another.

Never Be Untruthful

Unless you are planning a genuine surprise, you should never lie to your significant other. Most likely you will get caught in the lie, eventually, and your spouse will wonder why you felt inclined to lie and what else you might be lying about.

Always Be Reliable

Whether it is a big or small promise, always follow through. If you tell your spouse you will wash the dishes, wash them. If you say you will meet him at a certain time, meet him at that time.

Create Boundaries

Jealousy is extremely common in marriage and unfortunately it can destroy a persons confidence within that marriage. By setting boundaries you can help prevent jealousy from every showing up. If you do not like when your spouse innocently flirts, tell him as part of the boundaries, just as he can tell you.

Be Trusting

Sometimes all it takes is showing trust. Never accuse your partner of something you do not have proof of. If your spouse tells you something, trust enough to believe what they say. By showing trust you will receive trust. If all you showcase is untrusting behavior, your spouse will do the same.

Always Be Fair

Even if your ex did something, do not make your spouse suffer for it. No matter how dishonest people were with you in the past, you need to treat each new person with respect and give them their own opportunity to prove their trustworthiness. A person should only be judged on their actions, not the actions of people in the past.

Trust in Yourself

When you met your spouse, there was something about them that attracted you to them. You knew they were worthy of a relationship with you and that is why you married them. Keep that in mind throughout your relationship and use that as your strong foundation. From there, you both can build a long and lasting trustful relationship.


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