What Makes Relationships Work? Good Problems Couples Should Have

A relationship is not pleasant all of the time, but certainly you’ll have more happier than sad times. It is natural to have those moments where you question if this is the right situation for you – your partner will do the same. There are, however, those situations that never make it work, like cheating or deal-breaking behaviors. But, believe it or not there are relationship problems that are considered “good” problems that won’t mess up your relationship and should never be considered deal breakers.

Fantasizing about Others
A lot of couples who are looking for answers to what makes relationships work are concerned about their fantasies or their partner’s fantasies for someone other than their significant other. Believe it or not, these fantasies are nothing to worry about – in fact, they’re healthy. Having an imagination allows you and your partner to open up more emotionally and physically with one another. Of course, you cannot act on these fantasies.

Going Out with the Guys
Many women get defensive or feel they’re husband is leaving them out when they go out for guy time. Interests and maintaining friend relationships outside of your partnership are key in finding what makes relationships work. This break from the relationship allows each partner to miss one another, engage in activities and release any steam that could create tension down the road.

You may have fights, but fights don’t mean your relationship is over or even close to over. Fighting is a way for partners to share how they feel with one another – meaning you both trust one another enough to get it all out in the open. As long as you both don’t attack one another, arguing can strengthen your marriage. Also, avoid recycling old arguments – meaning don’t bring up an argument that happened last week. Once it’s over and resolved, it’s done.

Being Too Tired for Sex
Intimacy is important in any relationship, but there are times one or the other may be too tired to engage in sex or other intimate activities. Today’s couple is often over-scheduled and it isn’t uncommon to have limited time for intimacy or anything else. However, the less a couple is intimate, the lower their testosterone is, which means they will have less desire for intimacy in the first place. Therefore, try scheduling a time for intimacy rather than waiting for that magical “spark” so that you have fun, it’s something to look forward to and you get that testosterone moving again.

A healthy relationship can be full of “good” problems. Often couples assume these good problems are detrimental to the success of their relationship and they begin to pull away. As long as you are open, honest and willing to work through your issues, you and your partner will understand what makes relationships work faster than any other couple in the neighborhood.


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