Gentle Chiropractic Care

Gentle Chiropractic Care Before and After the Baby is Born

The most common reason women seek out chiropractic care after their pregnancies is due to persisting lower back and neck pain.

Many women wait out their pregnancies without seeking treatment for their pain and hoping that it will go away once the baby is born.  This is true for some, but not for all women.

The second most common reason that women see a chiropractor after their pregnancy is for pain that is due to Labor, usually due to the pushing process.  Often times, as the baby descends through the birth, Canal, the bones of the pelvis can shift and misalign.  This is common especially if the baby is posterior (baby’s spine is facing or against the mother’s spine) and the mother experiences back labor.

Regardless of the length of your labor or the size of your baby, misalignments or shifting in the position of the spine and pelvis are common during labor, leading to back pain that is experienced after the baby is born.

The third reason for a woman to seek out chiropractic care after the baby is born is what we refer to as “the New Mother Syndrome.”  Some of the causes of this syndrome are the following: Read more