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Expecting? Get Buff for Baby and Feel Good in Your Changing Body

This season we’re encouraging mothers-to-be to get buff and feel better in their skins as we transition from a body for one into a body for two. As someone who helps people loose inches and adopt a healthier lifestyle, I can promise you that if you find a way to stay committed to regular physical activity and clean eating (despite the emotional challenges from your increased hormone levels during pregnancy), you will achieve your desired level of health and fitness throughout your pregnancy.

Read on to learn more about expecting more from your prenatal fitness regimen as we talk to an exercise expert about getting into our best bodies before and after the baby comes. Sara Haley, an international fitness expert, certified fitness instructor, and a sought after pre/post natal specialist on prenatal fitness spoke with us about the secrets of shedding the baby blues, getting in shape for battling the challenges associated with parenting, and livening up our libido after the baby.

What common questions do pregnant women ask you about exercising when pregnant?

The most common things new moms ask me are: “My doctor said I’m not allowed to get my heart rate about 140 BPM?  Is this true? (This is probably the question that frustrates me the most.) How can I tell if I’m doing too much or pushing too hard? Can I keep doing what I’m doing?  When do I need to stop doing crunches?” Read more


Getting Back into Your Sexy Shape After the Birth

Now that your babies born, what do your do at home to get back into shape?  To make the most of the post natal fitness, set up a routine that you can stick to!  Establishing a schedule will help maintain regular workouts that fit into your every day life.  Also, try to work out at least three times a week for at least 30-45 minutes each time.  If you are determined to lose your weight quickly, then exercise more often.  However, never exercise to the point of exhaustion.

If your body is telling you it’s tired, stop exercising immediately.  Also, if you have shortness of breath, feel faint or dizzy experience heart palpitations, have an increase in vaginal bleeding, or have trouble walking or seeing, stop exercising and contact your health care provider.

Home Exercising You Don’t Want To Miss

These exercises should be included in your fitness program to help get your stomach flatter, your vaginal muscles tighter, and your body back to its’ youthful state.

Stomach Exercises

Your tummy is probably the area of your body that you want to restore back to its’ pre-pregnant state.  Sit-ups done correctly are some of the best exercises for your abdominal muscles and help get them into shape quickly.  When you are doing sit-ups, make sure you have a mat underneath you.  Keep the small of your back to the floor; the part that arches upwards) in contact with the floor at all times. Read more

Keeping the romance alive

ROMANCE 911: Keeping the Romance Alive through the Demands of Parenthood

When a baby enters the picture, the dynamics of your emotional and sexual expression are forever changed. The love between two must now make room for three. However, the love you will develop for your new family member will be quite different from anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Yet the reality is that most couples are under-prepared for the changes that accompany parenthood and sometimes, the impact is nothing short of an emotional crisis. Both your personal and social life change significantly, and any pre-existing financial challenges are further heightened.

Although much has been researched and written about romantic relationships, far less has been studied regarding how love changes between a man and a woman after the baby is born. The romantic love that brings couples together is an intense exchange between two people, but when a child enters the picture this exchange not only redirects its focus, it becomes one way. And because a baby’s demands for care are intense, this forever changes that bond as a couple as they become both partners and parents.

Yet it also highlights an important part of the intimate bond between couples – care giving- which has a great impact on one’s level of relationship satisfaction. Despite this, little attention has been given to this aspect of sexuality. Instead, the focus has been predominantly on sexual desires and techniques in achieving physical satisfaction. Read more