Are the Same Old Fights Impacting Your Relationship?

When you and your partner are at odds, do you notice the same old fights come up? You’re upset about the kids, he wants more free time, you feel he doesn’t share his load of the housework and it all boils down to the same old script – just a different day. If you and your spouse are constantly rehashing the same fights, you have one blaring issue: you’re not resolving the problems. Fight topics keep coming up when they aren’t resolved and this can impact your relationship a lot more than you might think. Sex and emotions are tied together as one. The more animosity you both have, the less likely intimacy is at the forefront of your relationship. The good news is you can get past your rehashing and move on to a more healthy and satisfying relationship.


One of the more common fights among couples is about housework. One may feel they’re doing more than enough while the other feels nothing is being shared. By creating a fair division of the housework you and your spouse can move past this. There is no formula or definition of what is “fair” – it is all about what you and your spouse find to be fair. For example, you want help with the laundry, but he is in charge of all of the yard work. Consider splitting up the task by him helping put laundry away and you start managing the weeding or gardening to help even out the workload.


Let’s face it; money and relationships don’t always mix. Most relationships are based on opposites – you’re attracted to someone opposite of you. Therefore your money management skills and styles may differ. Perhaps you’re the spender, but your partner is the ultimate saver. Rather than try to conform or make your partner become more like you, sit down and look at each other’s point of view. Ask yourself why your partner saves money, but you don’t mind spending it. Perhaps your partner feels your money situation isn’t as secure as you do, but sitting down and discussing these feelings may help you both see eye-to-eye on household finances. Also, consider doing the bills together either bi-weekly or monthly. Make a budget that works for both of you, but doesn’t upset the other.


Sexuality between a couple can often just boil down to your desire versus your partner’s desire. Whether it is you that wants more or him, negative feelings can arise when one partner feels rejected or neglected by the other. Consider sitting down and discussing what you both need out of your relationship. Find out where you are mismatching and if there is a compromise you both can live with. By understanding what each person is feeling, you can work to a viable solution.

Whether your fights are about low sexual desire, money or who does what around the house, rehashing the same fights will get your relationship nowhere. Instead, look out for the common fights and ask yourself why they keep coming up. You might be surprised at how unresolved these simple issues are and how easy they are to solve.

Sex and Relationships: Financial Struggles, Sex, and Relationships

Financial Problems can Interfere with Your Sex Life and Potentially Ruin Your Relationship…but it doesn’t have to be that way!

In sex and relationships, couples and financial problems often lead to disaster. While couples may not intend to turn their relationship into a power struggle over money issues, this is exactly what can happen when money becomes the emphasis and blame is displaced or blown out of proportion. It takes two to tango – both parties contributing to the financial problems in some way, even if unintentionally – and it takes two to work together to solve the problem. Arguing and pointing fingers only turns your once peaceful tango into a frenzied chicken dance. When financial stress threatens your relationship, it is time to look at the root cause of the problem, identify solutions, and join forces to get your finances on track and keep your relationship intact. True love does not die just because you experience a cash flow problem.

Financial Stress and Sex

Brain science reveals that stress of any kind can throw cold water on your once hot and heavy sex life. Moreover, with financial stress being one of the leading causes of relationship tension and breakups, it is definitely a stressor that can curb your intimacy, despite sex having a reputation for relieving stress. After all, it is difficult to get in the mood if all you can do is to think about your financial troubles and fight with one another.

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Sex and Relationships: Coping with Limited Privacy When Family Move In

In sex and relationships, couples can face a difficult challenge when other people move into their homes. Whether it be friend, family, or just a roommate in general, one or the other partner, or even both partners, can begin to feel as though their home and their privacy has been invaded, and this feeling of imposition can be difficult to face. Many experts agree that couples should not allow family, friends, or roommates to move in with them, as it strains both relationships in the end. However, we live in a difficult era where people are still attempting to recover from a serious economic crisis. It is a tough decision whether to bring someone else into your home or not when you need the financial boost.


Even if the person or people who move into your home have good intentions, it is difficult to cope with simply having someone else in the house all the time. Even if they leave occasionally for work or other activities, you have to deal with having their stuff in your space, their messes, and what may seem like a loss of control over your own home After all, you want your rules to be observed, but you also want to keep the peace. Having your own space is important, and if there is a lot of chaos in the home due to added residents or just someone who likes to talk your ear off or seems to interrupt things or take up time you want to spend with your partner, you can almost feel violated.

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