Exhaustion, Sleep Deprivation and New Moms

From the moment we find out we’re pregnant, our lives begin to change.  Despite the excitement and joy of knowing our baby is on the way once the hormones start kicking in, we can become moody, disconnected and super tired.

These feelings are usually exacerbated once the baby arrives because we are so busy taking care of our little one who is so dependent on us, and at the same time we are sleep deprived.  Because having a new born is such a challenging time, it is vital that we obtain the best possible nutrition, especially if we are breast feeding.

There are some simple things you can do to help you regain your energy, lose unwanted baby fat and improve the quality of your breast milk so that both you and your baby can be healthier and have a stronger immune system.

Breastfeeding is very demanding for a new mom so it’s important to be giving your body all the best nutrients you can, to ensure your health and the health of your little baby.  Some women find that breastfeeding can actually cause them to lose too much weight, while others find it difficult to return to their pre-pregnancy weight.  Most important is to ensure that you are eating the right types of foods, and drinking plenty of liquids. Read more

Keeping the romance alive

ROMANCE 911: Keeping the Romance Alive through the Demands of Parenthood

When a baby enters the picture, the dynamics of your emotional and sexual expression are forever changed. The love between two must now make room for three. However, the love you will develop for your new family member will be quite different from anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Yet the reality is that most couples are under-prepared for the changes that accompany parenthood and sometimes, the impact is nothing short of an emotional crisis. Both your personal and social life change significantly, and any pre-existing financial challenges are further heightened.

Although much has been researched and written about romantic relationships, far less has been studied regarding how love changes between a man and a woman after the baby is born. The romantic love that brings couples together is an intense exchange between two people, but when a child enters the picture this exchange not only redirects its focus, it becomes one way. And because a baby’s demands for care are intense, this forever changes that bond as a couple as they become both partners and parents.

Yet it also highlights an important part of the intimate bond between couples – care giving- which has a great impact on one’s level of relationship satisfaction. Despite this, little attention has been given to this aspect of sexuality. Instead, the focus has been predominantly on sexual desires and techniques in achieving physical satisfaction. Read more