Relationship expert Toni Parker, PhD presents
The Romance Tour:  Unfolding the Mysteries of Connected Relationships

A love-altering adventure awaits you!The Romance Tour  Unfolding the Mysteries of Connected Relationships

Whether you’ve found the love of your life:

  • Newlyweds
  • Renewing your vows
  • Celebrating a committed relationship

…And you want deeper connection and everyday romance to fulfill your heart’s desires.

Or you’re looking for the love of your life:

  • Single
  • Divorce
  • Widowed

…And want to learn how to transform relationships as you know them and create real love that lasts!

Italy offers the perfect setting to understanding and experiencing love in that extra special way you’ve been longing for.  After all, for more than 50 years Hollywood’s brightest stars have fallen in love under the spell of her captivating landscapes and picture-perfect villages.  By the time you leave you’ll know your own heart path to understanding connected relationships and how to make that journey with yourself and others.

Your Guides – When it comes to relationships, there are few as experienced as Dr. Toni Parker.  A certified sexologist and relationship expert, she sets the new standard for unfolding the mysteries so you experience the kind of connections you’ve always known were possible in relationships.  And when it comes to Italy, Dr. Parker and her Italian guides will provide you will a romantic adventure!

So if you’re ready to learn to love “Italian style”, you won’t want to miss The Romance Tour as Dr. Parker and her Italian guides share their knowledge with you.

Plus, you’ll meet incredible people just as devoted to finally getting relationships right… as you enjoy a schedule that’s open enough to allow you to explore and discover little treasures of your own!  But you have to act quickly, if you want to be among the first to experience this unusual love-inspiring holiday, as the group size is limited for optimal intimacy.

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