Hi! I’m Dr. Toni Parker…but let’s drop the Doctor part for now, shall we? You see we’re a lot alike, you and me. Just like you, I want to be happy, feel appreciated and live a meaningful purpose-driven life, surrounded by loved ones.

We all want the same things. No matter who we are, or where we come from, we all crave and seek out feeling “connected” (and let’s not forget having a bit of fun along the way!)

Don't Just Survive, Sur-Thrive!

Learn 5 Remarkably Simple Ways To Effectively Re-Connect With Yourself & Others To Cultivate Thriving Relationships…In Life And Business.

I’m here to help you cultivate and enjoy more connected, thriving relationships.

I believe a greater understanding of the inner workings of your brain, your emotional self, and your compassionate self leads to a more connected, focused, productive life. Most importantly, this connectivity contributes to your overall well being, enabling more compassion and understanding towards yourself, others and the planet.

This is where YOU come in…

I am committed to providing you with the knowledge, practices, new science, exercises and tools it takes to create and sustain connected, fun loving, thriving, personal and professional relationships.

Here’s the deal: If I commit, you have to be part of the process as well.

I believe that you have to bring your entire self to the table. Just as I am 100% committed to you, you have to be committed to learning and putting all that Thriving Relationships has to offer, into motion in your own life.

Thriving Relationships all boils down to people, and I’m a people person. Keep reading to find out how I got here, where I’m going, and where I can take YOU.

Living a Life that Resonates

Having a thriving relationship with yourself is about getting in touch with what you want and what works for YOU…and it’s just (if not more) important than connecting with others.

I believe in sharing my life and learnings with you, keeping it honest, authentic and real.

I live my life openly and am willing to share that to help you through your own experience.

As a self-proclaimed sur-thrivalist, my own life experiences—both personally and professionally—have provided me with powerful, empathetic insight into what it really means to connect and thrive.

I have had the honor of working through and experiencing every cycle of life with people, 

from the beginning of life—with women while they were giving birth—to teaching parenting classes, working with adolescents, couples and individuals dealing with relationships issues and depression, to working with cancer patients, and along with their families when their loved ones transition.

As a licensed psychotherapist and certified clinical sexologist, with over 25 years of experience, I keep a pulse on the trials, tribulations and celebrations of life by continuing to work with individuals, communities, Fortune 500 companies and special interest groups. Trained by John Gottman, I am also a certified Gottman therapist and Gottman workshop leader and educator.

Along with my work in the trenches, I’m also trained in various forms of meditation, self-compassion and yoga exercises to help release anxiety, depression and other daily stressors of life. Staying current on mind-body approaches and key professional and clinical memberships allows me to stay on top of emerging science and practices within my profession that can help you.