Sex and Parenthood: Setting Ground Rules so Your Bedroom Remains a Private Haven

No one can deny that parents need plenty of private time to nurture their relationship and to enjoy intimacy with one another. Many parents can tell you how just when things start heating up, there is nothing like the pitter-patter of little feet and tiny voice asking to hop in between Mom and Dad to ruin the mood. This does not mean children are an inconvenience in anyway; it simply means that ground rules must be set for sex and parenthood to work well together.


Starting Early


It is certainly a sign of a loving and caring parent who wants to keep their baby in their room with them during the first few months to the first year of their life. However, nurseries exist for a reason, and a good one at that. Babies become accustomed to routine. By allowing them to sleep in the same bedroom and their parents, your baby will become accustomed to seeing you, hearing your voice, and hearing your voice, as well as hearing other sounds and smells associated with that room. Once they are used to this particular environment, you might have a very difficult time getting them to sleep in another room, especially as they grow older. It is a good idea to ensure your child has his or her own room, or at least shares a room with siblings that is separate from yours. Parents can still utilize baby monitors and check in on their infant frequently without compromising their own private space or nurturing habits in the child that might be difficult to break later on.


As Children Grow


It’s a given that children with nurturing parents are going to come to trust their mothers and fathers, racing to the when scared, upset, or in need. It seems as if this often happens in the night, with the child racing into the parent’s room and hopping right into bed with them. However, this is a bad habit to allow children to continue, and it is important to set a short list of ground rules to ensure a semblance of privacy for you and your mate.


If you start children early, they will be accustomed to sleeping in their own beds, so this should not be a huge issue. However, when they do try to come and sleep in your room, it is important to take them back to their own rooms and to emphasize how big boys and girls sleep in their own beds. As for your room, teach your children to always knock and announce themselves. To further ensure a child’s trust and security, utilize a baby monitor even as they grow or a set of walkie-talkies, once they are old enough to use them, so you can listen and communicate, without your privacy being compromised.


Lack of sex and intimacy can damage a relationship. Parents need that special time together, just as much as their children need them. You can have it both ways; you simply have to set some ground rules and place a strong emphasis on nurturing your relationship as a couple as well.

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