The Facts About Sex During Midlife

Getting older is just a natural part of life. Another natural part of life is sex. When we are younger, sex is often on our minds. With our youth comes a desire for sex; a desire to have it often. Why not? Sex is natural; it’s pleasurable. However, too often as people age, their sexual exploits become less frequent. There is also the stigma that those who get older don’t need to venture outside the realm when it comes to sex. Why is that? Just because someone gets older does that mean that they don’t have the desire to have sex? Is sex just supposed to stop at “X” age? Sex – even sex during midlife – is a part of being human.

Too often people don’t see sex and aging as going hand in hand, but they do. If wine gets better with age and the flavor of cheese is enhanced the longer it ages, then why can’t sex increase and get better with age? After all, there is no magic number at which sex stops. After all look at Hugh Heffner.

When we mature, we still desire sex. Granted, it’s not going to be like it was when you were 20 but it can still be just as fulfilling. It’s been scientifically proven that healthy people can have sex long into their 70s and 80s. Having an active sex life has been said to keep many “young at heart.” As we age our bodies change, but that doesn’t diminish the capacity for extremely enjoyable sex.

So how is sex more enjoyable as you get older? There are several ways:

  • With age comes experience. So when a person matures, they gain knowledge. Those going through midlife are actually more knowledgeable and willing to take their sexual escapades to a higher level.
  • Individuals are more open to exploration and truly spicing up things in the bedroom. The older crowd is actually open to watching erotic films to entice their partner. They are also willing to try different sexual positions in order to achieve even more sexual gratification.
  • Couples actually get closer during sex then they did in their younger days. When you’re young it’s about lust and temptation. Naturally, as we age it takes a little longer to get to that full arousal capacity. Couples spend more time kissing and cuddling in midlife and this often enhances their overall relationships.
  • During midlife intimacy means so much more. Gone are the days of youthful experimentation. Therefore midlife couples look for more ways to enhance the romance in their relationship. Romance is known to increase during midlife, which enhances the connection between the two people.
  • During midlife, men and women seem to have a self-confidence that can often lend itself to a heightened since of sexiness. Feeling sexy is simply a state of mind.

Sex doesn’t have to diminish just because you get older. If you maintain a level of confidence within yourself and remember that you have true sex appeal no matter what age you are, then you can have amazing sex at any age. Remember, age is just a number; it doesn’t define your sex life.

What Makes Relationships Work: Relationship Advice 101

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