What Makes Relationships Work: Relationship Advice 101

To achieve optimum physical and emotional health, we must have rewarding and enjoyable relationships in all locales of our lives. Humans function best when they have an understanding and accommodating relationship environment. Single people search for the ideal mate, and those who have a partner seek ways to make the relationship work. This relationship advice allows you to nurture your relationship and find a balance in your life so you and your mate will be better satisfied.

Rules, Roles, and Rituals

Many of society’s social and cultural rules and taboos have already been broken down. Some of these guidelines are not even feasible for a multi-cultural society, much less a modern relationship. However, to have emotional security and safety in our relationship, we must have boundaries and rules. For many couples, relationship needs go unstated, leaving one or the other partner guessing. An principal rule to have is that each person expresses what is needed from the other. Another rule that is a crucial part of this relationship advice is that you respect what your partner requires, compromising when necessary and negotiating when possible.

Roles must be well-defined and distinct in a successful relationship. Each person is essential to the other and should have an individual role in the liaison. While age and sex determine some tribal roles, ability and inclination determine today’s modern ones. Once past the initial part of dating, gender roles become more evident. Some men and women grow up in ‘traditional’ homes, while others are reared in gender-bender environments. Make sure that you understand what your partner expects your role to be and express what you feel comfortable doing. Many times, a person’s sexuality depends on his or her role within a relationship.

Another vital piece of relationship advice is realizing the rituals that bind you together as a couple. These rituals are a glue that bonds two people together. In trying times, rituals tend to be forgotten. So, make an effort to consciously keep these personal practices going. Also, every now and then, make up a new one and stick with it. Incorporate sexuality and erotica into these personal rituals.

Commit to Love

Once you have committed to love the other person, be sure to actively express this love frequently. While infatuation is the spark that begins a lasting relationship, deciding to love the other person allows your devotion to maintain. If you refrain from expressions of love, the devotion could dissipate. Also, be mindful of your partner’s sexuality. Choose times for love-making when your partner is ready.

Establish and Maintain Trust

Trust should be established on all levels. This mutual trust should allow you to understand and respect one another and should be founded in loyalty and respect. Be sure to keep your word and fulfill your promises. This will allow your partner to feel the much needed security for which he or she longs.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

The best piece of relationship advice available involves communication. Communicate about everything and anything. Have conversations that allow you two to share your wishes, needs, hopes, and dreams. Be sure to encourage your partner’s ambitions and goals, celebrate each other’s accomplishments, and discuss values and beliefs regularly.

Sex and Relationship Advice at Midlife

When you have been with the same individual for a while, it is critical that you get to know your partner once again. Sex and relationship advice at midlife may sound silly to some, but middle-aged couples often find their relationships dull and unfulfilling. An essential thing to do is to check in with your partner on a daily basis. Make sure he or she is aware that you are truly interested in hearing what they have to say. Also, keeping sex exciting allows for the two of you to maintain a healthy relationship. Try new sex positions, watch erotica videos together, and explore toys and alternative devices.

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